Les Mills Classes

Les Mills Classes


BODYPUMP ® is one of the most successful group fitness classes available. This is the original barbell fitness class which in 60 minutes can strength your entire body while challenging all of your major muscle groups. Taught by awesome instructors, you will be using your choice of weights as well as completing exercises like presses, squats, lifts and curls. This is all performed to great music and can really inspire you while getting results.


BODYBALANCE® helps to balance your workout by using Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi to build strength and flexibility. This workout will leave you feeling calm and centred. It teaches you concentration, controlled breathing, and a series of carefully structured poses, stretches and moves which brings balance and harmony to your body. Try your BODYBALANCE® experience today!


BODYSTEP™ is a fun and energized step workout which makes you feel alive and uplifted. With the help of friendly instructors along with motivational music you can power through your workout using simple movements and a high adjustable step. A full cardio workout, you will be able to burn fat faster while toning your body.


RPM® is a 50 minute high paced cycling class which is based on the fundamentals of outdoor cycling. With inspirational music in the background you will ride 20-25km while controlling the intensity of your cycle workout with a pedal speed and resistance dial. Your coach will lead you through the tough terrain including flats, hills, mountain peaks, interval training and speed work. You will definitely discover your inner athlete.

® Les Mills SMART START: Haven’t exercise in a long while? New to exercise? If yes talk to us about SMART START. SMART START is a great way you can ease into exercise while feeling overall satisfaction and achievement from your first class. If you aren’t already a member you may be able to receive a free class when you mention that you saw this on our website.

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